Plywood Furniture You can Make

By: Cwpollock Mar 03, 2007

Plywood Coffee Table by Andy Lee Design

We recently released a site for Andy Lee Design.  He makes plywood furniture.  The simplicity of this design means that it can be made by any industrious person with a jigsaw or circular saw. Virtually any type of plywood could be used and of course you could paint it as well.  If you're interested in his design, check out his site where you will find a bookshelf in addition to the coffee table pictured above.

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I think this is the new site?

Oh no, the link doesnt work and this thing is gorgeous!

What does The Chicago Manual of Style have to do with typing errors?

A sheet of Appleply 3/4" thk. should run around 60 bucks. I would not pay more than that due to how simple it would be to make. You could even go cheaper with a less "finished" type of plywood. And shellac is darn-near free and non-toxic.
Let me ask a radical question, what would you pay for something like this? Keep in mind the final product is clear-coat on both sides and has taped edges, unlike the picture. 

Sorry to be Captain Bringdown but I registered just so I could point out a few things. $250 and $400 are ridiculous prices to pay for plywood furniture. Legare ( has better build it yourself furniture for cheaper, plus you can make it yourself using patters from their downloads section. Lastly I wouldn't call the bookcase his design because it was published 2 years ago in Fine Woodworking (, Don't buy this stuff, DIY and have fun.

I love the architectural simplicity of his designs!  This may motivate me to attempt to build my own Media coffee table.  Then I can be the ultimate couch potato and not have to move from the sofa to load DVDs!

It's kind of incongruous to see a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style as a prop on a site with so many typos!

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