Roundup: 10 DIY Advent Calendar and Holiday Countdown Ideas

By: Craftmel Nov 07, 2012

created at: 11/05/2012

It seems as though every year is a foot race, with holidays paced out evenly throughout... until the mad final sprint to the finish line with three major holidays right in a row.  That is why it is never too early to start prepping for that great gift-giving time of year.  Here is a roundup of 10 Advent ideas to help you in all your early preparation!  

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1.  Magnetic Tin Advent, from Twig and Thistle.

2. Pyramid Tree Advent, from Julie Ree.

3.  Easy Paper Cone Advent, from Family Fun Magazine.

created at: 11/05/2012

4.  Colorful Matchbox Advent, from Just a Girl.

5.  Stacked Matchboxes, from Country Living Magazine.

created at: 11/05/2012

6.  Pinned Ornament Advent, by Bower Power Blog.

7.  Recycled Canned Ornaments, from House to Home.

created at: 11/05/2012

8. Paper Envelope Advent, by A Few Things From My Life.

9. Vintage Spool Advent, by Just Something I Made.

10.  Simple Paper Bunting Advent, by Pink Pistachio.


I have discovered over the years that life is simply too crazy after Thanksgiving to start an Advent project, so now is a good time to begin!  Enjoy!

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If anyone would like to take part in an activity advent calendar they're very welcome to join in with #ShareAdvent information here : Love all the designs you picked out!


To print my Advent calendar, I use the website :

I wish you a happy Holiday Season !


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