Roundup: 10 DIY Advent Calendar and Holiday Countdown Ideas

By: Craftmel Nov 07, 2012

created at: 11/05/2012

It seems as though every year is a foot race, with holidays paced out evenly throughout... until the mad final sprint to the finish line with three major holidays right in a row.  That is why it is never too early to start prepping for that great gift-giving time of year.  Here is a roundup of 10 Advent ideas to help you in all your early preparation!  

1.  Magnetic Tin Advent, from Twig and Thistle.

2. Pyramid Tree Advent, from Julie Ree.

3.  Easy Paper Cone Advent, from Family Fun Magazine.

created at: 11/05/2012

4.  Colorful Matchbox Advent, from Just a Girl.

5.  Stacked Matchboxes, from Country Living Magazine.

created at: 11/05/2012

6.  Pinned Ornament Advent, by Bower Power Blog.

7.  Recycled Canned Ornaments, from House to Home.

created at: 11/05/2012

8. Paper Envelope Advent, by A Few Things From My Life.

9. Vintage Spool Advent, by Just Something I Made.

10.  Simple Paper Bunting Advent, by Pink Pistachio.


I have discovered over the years that life is simply too crazy after Thanksgiving to start an Advent project, so now is a good time to begin!  Enjoy!

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If anyone would like to take part in an activity advent calendar they're very welcome to join in with #ShareAdvent information here : Love all the designs you picked out!


To print my Advent calendar, I use the website :

I wish you a happy Holiday Season !


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