Eye-Catching DIY Bathtub Makeover

By: Craftmel Aug 28, 2012

created at: 08/27/2012

Before, this claw-foot tub was old and dingy, but had a lot of unique charm.  Its unique-ness went up a notch after the homeowner decided to give it a little makeover.  

created at: 08/27/2012

Hello, yellow!  This tub went from being a basic fixture to the eye-catching center of the bathroom.  It is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece now!  From Delighting In Today.

If you painted your tub, what color (or effect) would you do?

Material :

Design Style :

Room :


Yeah! It looks lighter and lively, I love the yellow tuband its design.


that's pretty cool.  i've seen that faux painting lady Debbie Travis, do this with a metallic "verdigris" finish.

Simple and elegant! What a great change :) 

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