Build Your Own Cupboard Shelving

By: Craftmel Jan 18, 2012

created at: 01/18/2012

The closet in our spare bedroom is huge- it takes up an entire wall (which is terrible for furniture arranging, let me tell ya)!  Unfortunately, it only has one dinky wire shelf inside, which means all my c-r-a-p is simply piled on top of itself and lacks any rhyme or reason at all.  I'm thinking a simple DIY shelving system would be the answer.   Amy from The Idea Room scored big on some old lockers that she spruced up, but still had an empty space in need of shelves.  With a little measuring, cutting, and assembling she was able to create exactly what she needed- she even had a spot for her ironing board.

created at: 01/18/2012

You can see how Amy did it all at The Idea Room.

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I have done a couple of DIY shelving units, with varying degrees of success. But for laundry, which ideally needs the air to get to it, I opted for this chrome shelving, it fits into a little corner and looks quite smart..

Hope this helps...

This is such a great idea for rooms with small nooks and crannies that are not being used - you can just pop some small, custom made shelving in there and you'll not only have more storage space but it just looks much nicer too!

This is such a wonderful idea to fix up closet space that seems like a waste of space!  And this is the type of project any homeowner, handyman (or woman) or not, can take on fairly easy.  Thanks for sharing this project!

You're wlcome Melanie. I've more pictures of the closet in my photos here, though I never got a completely finished photo of it because we started loading it with clothing.

Wow, that trim and stain DOES make it look like a million bucks!  I love it.  I'm saving all these ideas for when we have a place of our own, so thank you for sharing!

Melanie, we built our whole walk in closet using this style of construction. Hubby and I measured, I drew up the plans, he cut the wood, I stained it and we both installed it. It cost a small fraction of what buying a similar system from HoDe or L's would have cost us too. Here's a pix of the detail showing how I stained the side support slats and painted the back support slats to blend in along with the trim on the fronts to hide that we used MDF. The stain was gel stain allowing me to add "grain" with my brush strokes. Looks like a million bucks but for a 14 by 6 foot closet it cost just over three hundred dollars.

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