Light It Up: DIY Stir-Stick Pendant Lamp

By: Craftmel Jun 29, 2011

created at: 06/28/2011

Sometimes, and idea can be so easy and so great that I find myself wondering how the rest of us missed doing it ourselves.  Take, for instance, a pendant light that has been spruced up by some simple (and free) materials.  

Laura Lynn, author of Enjoying the Simple Things totally have me a head-whacking moment when I saw her pendant fixture covered in beautifully stained paint stirring sticks.  A few trips to the hardware store, some handfuls of sticks, and an existing pendant fixture was all she needed to create this natural beauty.

created at: 06/28/2011

Painting?  No, not at all!  Making an awesome pendant light?  You bet!  This project has both a beginning and an end, so check out both posts.  And, yes, she did ask for all those stir sticks!

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I just hot glued them to the shade. They have never come loose! The stain is Special Walnut By Minwax.
How did you secure the sticks to the pendant?


Great idea! Could you please share what colour stain you used? I am struggling to work out what colour will work. Thanks in advance


I'm a designer and I need someone to make 10 of these for a restaurant in Brooklyn.... anyone game? Painted out an off white - grey.  please contact -- with pricing please of you are interested. 


Also, I used to work in the paint department at Home Depot, and while we wouldn't really mind when people took handfuls of the sticks, it was much more fun when they shared their project ideas with us.

This is so brilliant and one of those rare craft projects that doesn't look like a craft project at all.  Love!  Thanks for sharing!

This is an awesome idea and I want to give kudo's to Laura Lynn for asking for them. I've seen a number of projects with paint sticks where they just take them. Yes they're "free" but usually just to those buying paint. I'm putting "ask for paint sticks" on my HoDe list. Thanks for the great idea!

Thanks for featuring this!


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