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My family and I left the glorious urban chaos of New York City for the quiet dust-free Connecticut suburbs in 2012. As much as I miss the city, this new suburban life allows me the space (and craft stores) to get my DIY on!

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How to: A Painted Striped Curtain Makeover

By: Ciburbanity Aug 08, 2013

When we moved from our NYC apartment to our suburban Connecticut home, I grabbed a neutral pair of curtains from IKEA  for the one window in our master bedroom. I still really like them, but... design's a moving target and after a couple of years tweeking the rest of the room (headboard, nightstands, new bureau) the curtains felt a little flat.Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Rickety Coffee Table Becomes a Comfy Ottoman

By: Ciburbanity Aug 07, 2013

 A couple of months ago, I stumbled into this warehouse of discarded furniture and I grabbed this beat up, run down, wobbly and barely held together coffee table. $10 give or take. Great purchase, right? What...you don't see the potential? Well, it took me awhile too, but I got there eventually.   Continue Reading

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