The $200 Microhouse

By: Chrisjob Mar 10, 2011

created at: 03/10/2011

Oh boy, what couldn't you do with a tiny, modern home in your backyard?! Especially when the materials only cost $200.   Derek Diedrickson makes tiny, playful houses out of upcycled materials. The New York Times reports, "For ingenuity, thrift and charm, Mr. Diedricksen’s tiny structures are hard to beat. Made of scavenged materials, they cost on average less than $200 to build....

created at: 03/10/2011

They often have transparent roofing, which allows a fine view of the treetops, particularly in the smallest ones, where the most comfortable position is supine. They have loads of imaginative and decorative details: a porthole-like window salvaged from a front-loading washing machine, a flip-down metal counter taken from the same deceased washer. "

created at: 03/10/2011

Derek is quite the fascinating artist; read more of his feature at, and then check out his self-published, illustrated instruction book.


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Can you add the link?  I search this page for RelaxShacks and didn't find anything. Googled it and found this but no contact/email link. (Great info though!)

Sorry, not too tech-savvy! :)



Hey Thora, thanks- you can email me through my relaxshacks site if you have any questions and so on- I'd be glad to help

We just lost our mobile home due to a company lay-off. We own our land and someone told us about these tiny houses but when we looked at the site the plans alone were around $200.  Then I found a link to this page on Pinterest.  I know we couldn't live in something that small but it got me to thinking about the creative designs you have and how we may be able to design something similar without purchasing pre-made plans. Right now we have our old 28' camper to stay in while we build something a little more modern and sturdy.  I'd love to see more of your work!

Hi Derek - I'd love to check it out. Send me an email at, and we can chat more.


Hey Chris- where can I send you a copy of my book- judging by your site/design interests, you might get a kick out of it.....(The $200 microhouse guy)


Hey all, and the curbly crew....thanks so much for posting this- 'appreciate this- anything you need, other photos, etc- just let me know.Keep up the great work!

I have an old shed in the back that has to come down this summer or it will come down next winter on it's own. I have been looking at houses upcycled from old palets, etc. These are even more cooler. I think this would make a great place to have as a small guest house, or a little meditation spot, thanks for the great ideas. I'll be ording this book!

Now, I love this! 

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