Six Extraordinary Uses for Shampoo.

By: Chrisjob Jul 28, 2009

Stuck zipper? Crunchy cuticles? Out of shaving cream? Just reach into the shower...


Shampoo, in all it's sodium lauryl sulfate goodness, can do a whole heap of tasks, soap-y and otherwise. Here's six ideas from Life Hackery.

1. Makeup remover

2. Remove fingernail dirt

3. Shaving cream substitute

4. Cuticle softener

5. Zipper lubricant

6. Car cleaner

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I made a discovery accidentially about 18 years ago, when the kids were little, about shampoo conditioner combos.  They will take spaghetti sauce stains out.  It spilled while bathing the kids and lo and behold no more stain.  I continued to keep a generic brand on hand, just for stains, but wondered what it was doing to our hair if it was that strong.

Crunchy cuticles! Love that alliteration :)



Actually, conditioner is even better as a shaving cream substitute.

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