How to: Fold a Shamrock from a Dollar Bill

Don't blow your cash on disposable leprechaun hat or cheap green beer. Instead, take advantage of its green tint and fold it into a shamrock.


Click here for the full instructions in PDF format.

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Anonymous on Mar 17, 2013:

Shamrock PDF is not working can you send full instructions to me

Allyson on Mar 16, 2013:

Could you email me the PDF, it won't work through your website.  Thanks so much, happy Saint Pattrick's Day!!

Alek Dean Maskery on Mar 16, 2013:

Could you email the pdf to me? Thanks.

larissa on Mar 12, 2013:

The link to the shamrock origami dollar pdf is broken - can you send via email by any chance? thanks...

Shamrockwap on Jul 12, 2011:

Love the shamrock dollar lol

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