DIY Concrete Ofuro (Japanese Soaking Tub).

By: Chrisjob Dec 30, 2007

Splatgirl shares her totally amazing and DIY'd bathroom on Apartment Therapy:


Hello! I would love to share my bathroom. I designed and DIY'd this room from scratch. It includes a poured concrete Japanese soaking tub, concrete countertops and a 9 1/2 foot tall tile mosaic shower wall. It has his and hers vanities and a double shower with ceiling mount rain heads...


As far as bathrooms go, it was done very inexpensively and incorporates some ideas that I think are useful and fun whether one is on a budget or not. (I think I spent about 3K total on the room.)
From the $48 sconces that look super high-end to the shower that I tiled in basic 4 1/4" white ceramic and blue glass gobs purchased in bulk to the marine vinyl used as partitions instead of expensive tempered glass panels, I think it's a testament to what you can do with a limited budget and some creativity (and a lot of hard work!).

Here's a link to her Flickr set detailing the process of making the poured concrete ofuro.

Via GrassRoots Modern 

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Great bathroom. We'd like to make this size of tub with heating, like a traditional japanese ofuro. Does your tub have any internal heating system? If not, does the water stay hot for quite a while? Thanks,


You should put a pintrest button on your site - love it

OMG OMG this is so cool ..  ;-)  thanks for sharing... - wonder if concrete does not release any harmful chemicals know about that ??

Blue glass gobs, waving.

Wall splattered with glass--

Where can I buy gobs?

This is Uber Cool - great inspiration as I plan a passive solar home. I shall be working a lot in concrete!



I would love to know how to make that tub, it is a great tub and I hate those regular size tubs. What an idea. You are fantastic. Thanks Darlene

Reading blogs like this one always makes me feel like a kid with his nose pressed up against the window in a taffy shop!  The home we have is the one we will keep, and it is a tract home, which absolutely lets out the wonderful modern designs I am always coming across in my Internet surfing.  The only way to achieve something like this for us would be to completely remodel the exterior of the home—and the interior as well!  Much too expensive, to be sure!  But it’s an idea I find myself fantasizing about from time to time, especially when I see designs like these.  There is a real glory to what has been done here, and I thank you for sharing these concepts with us.

I'd like to know how to make the concrete soaking tub. I'm building a bathrom now. Thank you.

That's an awesome room. Great job! I'm inspired, now if I could only sell my house and move into a place I could do that to...
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