Pee Funnel

By: Chrisjob Jun 19, 2007
So, here it is. It's a funnel, and you pee in it. Or, to put it more properly,

"Gold Man is a toilet accessory that enables a regular toilet seat to be adapted to become a urinal for men avoiding the unhygenic practice of urinal spillage during toilet usage. It is also a useful addition in case of sudden need for those suffering from nausea.

Gold Man is easy to store on its own plastic base close to the toilet and may be lifted in place as and when needed."



I'm not entirely convinced it even exists, as all the photos on the website appear to be created with a computer. Although, they do provide some fun animations which explain how to use and clean the product.

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Good luck getting anyone to clean it. I certainly wouldn't be sticking my arm down there!
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