How To: Make DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Blooms

By: Chrisjob May 24, 2011

created at: 05/24/2011

On a recent visit to on-demand clothing and home goods store Anthropologie, Megan spied the stylized faux flowers above.

"How did they make these?" she, like any good DIYer wondered.

So, she looked closer. And the unexpected material emerged in an a-ha!-now-I-can-totally-make-these moment of delight. Can you guess what they're made from?  

How about now?

Ta-da! Q-tips. Clever, very inexpensive, and a craft supply staple, done up in a whole new way. Fantastic.

Anthropologie-Inspired Blooms [Homemade Ginger] 

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how do you get them green?

I once hurt myself with a q-tip like that, I worked out the case with my <a href="">personal injury attorney in Rapid City SD</a>.

I thought that was a kind of flower above but I was wrong, now it looks more like a <a href="">medical supply in Minneapolis</a>.

How did you colour these?

what are the stems made from?

I went with the regular size q-tips and a 8" ball - but then I thought - Hey, how bout those long swabs they use in Dr's offices - and a bigger ball??? Ok, to medical supply and my local craft store for a 12" ball- I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh those are just too cute!

pretty darn clever! thx for sharing..would be perfect for summer parties. xoxojess

Oh my goodness!  Anthro always gets me crafting- I don't know what I like more, thier store props or clothes!  ;) 

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