Before and After: A Stylish DIY Kitchen Makeover for $2000

By: Capreek Jan 20, 2014

We completed a kitchen makeover a couple years ago (which you can see here) and are in the process of planning another one for our new place. If this past experience and my current researching tells me anything, it's that doing an entire kitchen makeover for $2000 is a feat in and of itself. I mean... you could spend that much on tile alone!      

So, when I saw this before and after by Caitlin from Wouldn't It Be Lovely, I was floored. The after looks fantastic, especially considering it was a total DIY endeavor. It's interesting to read the process behind this particular makeover -- the concessions, choices, and work that went into staying within such a small budget -- and then to see the final room. All I have to say is bravo, Caitlin!

See some in-process photos here and the full reveal, complete with more photos and details of the makeover, right here.

P.S. How great is that raised pet feeder?? What a brilliant DIY idea.

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Jabin Jay Trapp says, Very good vision, I love the way she really reused the cabinets, extending the counter top and dog bowls. ~ Jabin Jay Trapp


Thanks for the repost! It's much appreciated! It was a fun project and I hope it gives your readers some fun ideas!


Caitlin, at Wouldn't it be Lovely

This is an awesome makeover!  Gives me lots of ideas to incorporate into our future budget kitchen re-do

Wow.  I love this project.  I really like that she re-used an upper cabinet from the sink side to fill in the space left by the fridge on the oven side.  I am also loving the tile on the backsplash.

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