Make It: Colorful DIY Dip-Dyed Bed Linens and Throw Pillows

By: Capreek May 08, 2013

I'm still loving the "dip dyed" trend, especially when applied to textiles, as it has more of an organic, water-color type effect rather than an opaque, colorblocked look. I think I might snag some plain white bedding and give this project a whirl this weekend!      

This project is super simple, albeit a bit messy (or prone to messiness, rather, if you're not careful). All you need is fabric dye and some cotton or linen bedding/pillows/fabric. Check out all the steps and how to pull off this perfectly dipped look over on Sweet Paul!

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I really like what you have done with boring white sheets. My mom said she would help me do it with curtains!!!!  I can't wait to do this. It looks very x1000 COOL!!!!!! Ayanna, 9

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