How To: Make a DIY Geometric Pipe Pendant Light

By: Capreek Nov 12, 2012

created at: 11/12/2012

We've been seeing brass, gold, and copper making a big splash in home decor for the last few years, but these metallic pieces usually carry a hefty price tag, especially in the lighting department (um, have you seen the prices of Lindsay Adelman chandeliers??). It's always exciting, then, to see people get creative with inexpensive materials and come up with something super stylish and on-trend, like this brass and copper pipe light!      


created at: 11/12/2012

I like the boxy-geometric look of this DIY light by Claire Zinnecker, but you could easily adapt the shape to suit your tastes and space; just play around with the pipe and fitting arrangement (try sketching it out first so you'll know how much pipe to buy). Before you make a trip to the hardware store, though, check out the step-by-step tutorial Claire put together over on Camille Styles!

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@Kathryn Yes, we've featured her DIY light before! It's a fave. :)

I just built a Lindsey Adelman chandelier from her online directions (you can see it on my blog). Really quite easy and only $120 for parts. 

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