Eye Candy: 12 Modern Wooden Bathrooms

By: Capreek Aug 22, 2012

created at: 08/22/2012

Wood and water: It seems counter-intuitive to mix the two, especially inside a home, doesn't it? But you can! Here are 10 modern bathrooms that pull it off with some serious style.     

created at: 08/22/2012

1. "Gipsy House" by Craig Steely Architecture

2. Horwitz Residence by Minarc

3. Skirt + Rock House by MCK Architects

created at: 08/22/2012

4. Cole Residence by Jodie Rosen Design

5. Summerhouse Skåne by LASC Studio

created at: 08/22/2012

6. Wilkin + Pini Residence by John Wilkin and Susanne Pini

7. Organic Powder Bath by Beckwith Interiors

created at: 08/22/2012

8. Millworker House by Andrew Snow Photography

9. San Francisco Remodel by Modern House Architects

created at: 08/22/2012

10. Robins Way House by Bates + Masi Architects

created at: 08/22/2012

11. Dune by Antonio Lupi

12. Estancia Vik Hotel

So, how about that wooden bathtub, huh?? DANG. Snazzy. Do you have or would you want wood elements in your bathroom? I could definitely go for a few, if not all, of these bathrooms!


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Love the wood used in these bathrooms. Number 1 is my favourite, what a fantastic shower room. The wooden basin in number 2 is amazing too. Wood always gives a warm feeling to a room, rather than cold tiles on the feet.

These are so fancy! Barnwood to make my bathroom look like "Peachland Beach" was the design inspiration for my modest bathroom reno.  Wood in a bathroom is goregous

I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. The clean lines and use of wood and marble are great. These designs are great!



These are so wonderful! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite because I think all the designs look clean and smooth.



Oh my my! You have to know I'm loving all this awesome wood Capree, right? :^D

Dada, I see no reason all those things, sock and potty training seat etc, wouldn't fit in these bathrooms any differently than a standard bathroom. It's a part of life. I bet if you were to photograph your bathroom to share it's design style you'd remove all that before hand. Everyday life is often less than pretty, but there can still be beauty underneath it all.

@  Josh.  I don't see why the wood would warp when treated properly.  My partner built kitchen surfaces, including the draining board, in a butcher block style, with cherry and walnut stripes.  Heavily coated with polyurethane, it's is neither warped nor defaced (except for a couple of scratches............. it is a kitchen after all)  and is about 10 years old already.

Wouldn't you have lots of warped wood with problems down the road? Why is wood not used in bathrooms because wood always warps when exposed to water over time. Pretty but not so practical unless you love applying a wax every weekend.

how2home: That marble wall in #8, right?? Swoon!


They're professionally photographed for architectural portfolios (for the most part), so you're definitely not going to see a potty training toilet in the shot! Although, that would be kind of funny. :) The majority of these are residences, though, with ample storage, etc. (1, 6, 8, 9, 10 for example).

Homes can be stylish, modern, and family-friendly -- unphotographed socks, potty training toilets, and all -- and we're hoping to inspire people who might not believe that's a possibility.

What would these bathrooms look like with my husbands socks on the floor, the baby bathtub and the kids toiletseat? These (nice) designs are suitable for singles and hotels, not families

Wow..... #4,8,9 are my fave!

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