Before & After: A Mod Thrift Store Table-to-Bench Makeover!

By: Capreek Aug 13, 2012
created at: 08/13/2012
Show of hands: have you ever seen an old, plain, wooden table in a thrift store, at a garage sale, or even dumped on the side of the road? Chances are you've wondered what you'd do with it and, after a few moments' pause, have moved on to other items. Well, one look at this thrift store table makeover will have you reconsidering passing by another one again!    

created at: 08/13/2012
Shelly from ModHomeEc, whose unique aesthetic longtime Curbly readers will recognize immediately, transformed one such lowly table. With a bit of upholstery magic (and a good scrubbing) this little table-that-could became a modern, stylish, dual-purpose bench!
created at: 08/13/2012
Shelly was kind enough to share a complete step-by-step tutorial for those wishing to tackle a similar project -- check it out on ModHomeEc.

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What a lovely makeover. The best of both worlds too. Room for a drink yet a perfect place to rest your feet.

Great idea. We did something similar with an smaller coffee table and converted it into a footstool. It turned out pretty well.

Take a look if you get a chance

created at: 08/15/2012

I've wondered the exact same thing, Janice, especially with a table like this that's fairly long and looks a bit flimsy. Regardless, I really like the way only half the table is padded. It's far more interesting than the typical ottoman transformation.

Pretty!  But I've always wondered how you know if these tables turned benches are weight bearing or how much weight they can bear?

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