How To: Create a DIY Concrete Wall

By: Capreek Jun 11, 2012

created at: 06/11/2012

Looking to introduce some texture into your home? Here's a unique twist on the ol' accent wall!   

created at: 06/11/2012

Kara from Kara Paslay Designs wanted to add some interest to her ho-hum entryway. So, like any good DIYer, she came up with a clever and completely unique solution: a DIY concrete wall! Check out how she did it right here.

What do think of this look? Would you add a touch of concrete to your home? Share your thoughts!

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I love your concrete wall, unfortunally the Ardex SD-M doesn't exist in Sothafrica, my only option is to order it from Dubai... My questions are: Is there any DIY known equivalent I can use here? I have some quotations for "earthcote" and for a 28m2 wall is almost 1000 USD. Do you know how to DIY "earthcote" a wall? it seems the best option in Southafrica. Thanks for your ideas Leslie

I love the bench! it's unique and is the perfect solution to this space.

Tali Design

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