Before & After: A $15 Accent Wall Makeover

By: Capreek May 28, 2012

created at: 05/28/2012

If you've got $15, a steady hand, and a bit of patience, you can turn a boring wall like this...   

created at: 05/28/2012

...into a stylish accent wall like this! Heather Freeman from The Lovely Cupboard did just that with a handmade stencil and some paint pens. Incredible, right? The final look is a fraction of the cost of a similar wallpaper Heather had had her eye on and, if she tires of it, she can simply paint over it rather than mess with time-consuming wallpaper removal. Check out how she did it over on The Lovely Cupboard!

Have any of you tried your own stenciled "wallpapers"? How did it turn out?

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It is one thing to have the vision but you also have an amazing hand and lots of patience!

I love the end result.

I usually design to families so that will never work for me, as one dirty hand on the wall and you have to redo it all.

But again - love it!

Tali Design




Wow awesome - this look really great!

Franky - Of course! :)

thanks for the suggestions and template! really appreciate it!

Frank - The pattern is a modified version of this one by Jones Design Company -- the scale didn't fit for Heather's project, but you can download the original template here.

I like the pattern chosen against the wall paint. What pattern is that called? and where is it from?

Franky - For this particular stencil, I don't think spray paint would work but it might for a different shape. You'd have to be careful with overspray and make sure everything in your house was protected... and that the room you're working in is very well ventilated!


@CapreeK im wondering if I use spray paint .....will it have the same effect? or i should just hand paint it to be on the safe side?

Anon - Ah, genius!

@CapreeK It amazed me, too, but you roll the foam roller (which really holds paint) on paper towel until it's almost dry before rolling the stencil, so a little goes a long way!

Anon - Love the idea of using a larger stencil! It would definitely go a lot faster. And that's amazing that you only used a paint sample for the whole project!

I used an oversized 20x20 stencil from Cutting Edge Designs on the alcove in my bedroom. It looks fantastic! Her videos make it easy, and it goes pretty fast if you're just doing one wall, as it the stencil is so big. I used a paint sample for the whole wall, so it's very economical, too. If you love wallpaper, just buy a stencil and try it! Mistakes are easy to fix, you don't have to do the whole project in one day, and the look is very high-end without the price tag.

Thanks Franky!

Asrai - I know the feeling! I did a detailed hand-painted "branch wall" in our house that took about 8 months. It turned out great in the end, though! ;) 

this is a lot of work but when its complete..looks great! save you a lot of money from buying stencils. great post!

$15 an a lot of patience. That's where I always fail.

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