How To: Make a DIY Disco Ball Helmet!

By: Capreek Apr 13, 2012

created at: 04/12/2012

Instead of "Foodie Friday", I thought I'd have some fun today and go with what I'm calling "Fabulous Friday" because, hey, it's the weekend! Why not? And also, this disco ball helmet is pretty much the most amazing thing I've seen all week; I simply had to share!   


Natalie Walsh, an art director and freelance designer, recently posted a tutorial for this DIY disco ball helmet on Instructables. ISN'T IT AWESOME?? You might blind other drivers on the road, but gosh darn it, you'll look fabulous on that scooter. Check out how to make your own right here!

[via Laughing Squid]

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?????? this! I own no less than 5 helmets at any one time. My next retired one will have this done to it! It's gonna look fabulous on my helmet rack! And at my companies next Halloween party! I'm going wear it with silvered mirrored glasses and a silver fringed jacket! Might toss in some high waisted bell bottoms! Super Seventies Biker Style! Thx much for the giggle!
I wish I was wearing one of these at the dumb garage concert dance party boxed wine explosion at which I found myself last night. [sad dingo face] I failed to plan.
I would. All occasions.
I'm sure acrylic mirror would be a lot lighter (and safer) than glass tiles. Mostly, this would be a great costume-y helmet for, say, a dance party perhaps? Definitely not every day use... which I don't think was the point! Unless you're really into disco balls.
My biggest concern is actually more of a wearability one. Knowing that I ride, a few friends have sent me this in the last couple of weeks, and all I can think about when I see it is how heavy that mother must be. I ride a sport bike and maneuverability is key for me. This is a hilarious idea and I might have to try it, but only for my next dance party, not a night ride. Points given for style though. ;)

Sheliad - The "blinding but fabulous" part was tongue-in-cheek. Obviously it takes a special kind to wear a disco ball on their head... and wearing it during the middle of the day with the sun's unforgiving glare would be ill-advised. At night? Go for it.

I've never posted on here,, but this one I can't resist.. being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I have to say this is one of the worst ideas I've ever come across on here.This would be DANGEROUS,DANGEROUS,DANGEROUS. Us bikers already have to deal with the problem of other drivers not seeing us,,,but to knowingly blind them ???? Not to mention the fact I don't know too many bikers that would want to roll down the road looking like a disco ball on wheels... let's leave this one hanging from the ceiling inside  the disco..

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