Surprise! Over 80 Snacks Under 100 Calories!

By: Capreek Jan 06, 2012

created at: 01/05/2012

I'm not a calorie counter... AT ALL.  But I do think it's beneficial to have an idea of some healthy snack choices, especially since I work from home and, well, have a pantry practically within arms reach.  If you're curious what sort of snacks ring in at under 100 calories, read on!  You might be surprised.   

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Laura Schwecherl from the site Greatist rounded up 88 unexpected snacks that are under 100 calories.  A few surprises from the list?  A chocolate banana, sweet potato fries, and guacamole-stuffed eggs.  Intrigued?  Check out the other 85 snacks right here!

Have a few healthy snack ideas of your own?  Share them with us!

[via Teri Engelke]

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