Make It: DIY Accordion-Style Sconces!

By: Capreek Sep 12, 2011

created at: 09/11/2011

If you're looking to jazz up your bedside lighting situation, look no further!  This DIY accordion-style sconce is your ticket to illuminating late-night reading in style.  

The ever-industrious Daniel Kanter from the fabulous blog Manhattan Nest shares this super duper easy lighting project.  Using FRÄCK bathroom mirrors from IKEA, he created two stylish and charming wall sconces for less than $10 a pop!  Impressed?  So are we.

created at: 09/11/2011

All you need to make your own is the following:

  • IKEA FRÄCK mirror
  • Lamp Socket
  • Adapter Nut
  • Plug
  • Wire
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers

Daniel has kindly offered up a detailed, step-by-step tutorial (with lots of photos) so head on over to Manhattan Nest to see how it's done!

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goodness gracious, i've been wanting a lamp for my bedside like this for months. was on LampsPlus and saw a couple i liked, $80, $200 and more. i'll have to keep this in mind.

Thanks Capree. I read in bed so I need loads of space on my night stand for the pile of upcoming reads.

DM - Brilliant! I love it!

Wow I had to go back and check the total cost. That's amazing! I'd do two things differently though. I'd hang it higher with the light bulb facing down and use a silver cord running it up the post and across the top then down the wall in a chrome cord cover.

I know!! It's so cool and I can't believe the cost!

Wow that's pretty neat! I like it. Allot!

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