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By: Bryanj Jul 09, 2007
I really want to try and make a simple sun dress, but I do not have extensive experience with sewing and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. My idea is to sew something in cotton, sleeveless with a round neck, probably about knee-length. Any help is appreciated! Joanna

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JoAnn Fabrics sells pre made lengths of fabric.  All you have to do is measure your bust, and get that length plus about half an inch or so for seam allowance.  Then sew up one side and hem.  You can add straps if you want.  There you have it.  A simple and affordable sundress!  Enjoy!

I just finished this dress ( yesterday.  The pattern is free, you just have to get it printed at a copyshop.  I used a vintage floral tablecloth for the top part and a yellow salvation army sheet for the bottom.  Since it was my first real sewing project I had a little difficulty, but I wore it to a party last night and got tons of compliments. (Sorry, I don't have pictures!)  I really recommend it because the insturctions are easy to follow, and you can customize the dress to be longer or shorter according to your wishes.  Good luck!

That is a good idea about doing a practice run. I find that I can often get old sheets or old tablecoths for next to nothing, and that can be used for the trial run, too. Just make sure the fabric is a similar weight & stretchiness.

Just some encouragement from an adventerous (yet very amateur) sewer... Find a pattern you like, buy enough fabric to make two dresses, and use the first as a practice (to make sure you understand everything and can get the stitching right etc). If you get it right the first time, Hooray! If not, no big loss (except time)! Also, most of the 'Easy Sew' type patterns don't have a liner in the dresses, they do the inside collar thing instead... I prefer a sheer liner, so I always play around with the pattern.

 Good Luck!

There's another sundress I think you'd like at the link I sent.  It's on the lower left  side of the fourth page.

Becky <><

The link above is to Simplicity It's So Easy patterns.  There's two pretty close to what you want in the first row.  Hope this helps!

Becky <><

My thinking is that the best thing to do is go get a pattern, and just follow that. There are lots that say "E-Z" or "Quick" on them, like that, those are good. But if you try to figure it out yourself & do it from scratch, it can get pretty difficult to solve all those fitting problems.

 A couple tips- loud busy prints and/or stuff with the raised grids in it (WHAT'S that called, grrr) are more forgiving of mistakes. Plain colors would show mistakes more. Crinkle cotton might be more diffficult to work with, but it would definitely hide mistakes. However, when picking a print, be sure that you can carry it off. If you are shorter, a big print will make you look like a sofa, or a flower garden. 

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