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How to: Cut Tile at Home...and Not Seriously Injure Yourself

By: Bruno Aug 21, 2012

3M DIY safe prep tips
The Curbly House is moving into the 'finishing-up' phase, now that the walls are all closed up, taped, mudded, and sanded. Better yet, the bathroom walls and floor are ready for tile! I'll do a post later this week about our tile-laying adventures (don't worry, there's no tile inspection to fail), but today I wanted point out some important safety tips. Read on to find out how I'm make cutting and setting tile an injury-free… Continue Reading

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Week 9 Journal: Entering the Home Stretch

By: Bruno Aug 10, 2012

Curbly House: Week 9 Journal

Wooo! After almost of a month of trying to get our stupid bathroom plumbing approved, we finally passed our rough-in inspection! That was a huge deal, because it meant we had the green light to start closing up interior walls. And that's one big step closer to completing the project! Read on to watch my weekly video journal and see what other big steps we took this… Continue Reading

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Free Download: Kitchen Cleaning Cheat Sheet

By: Bruno Aug 09, 2012

Kitchen Cleaning Cheat Sheet (free download!)
This August we're focusing on Kitchens and Bathrooms here on Curbly. So, in the spirit of that, we're offering a free, downloadable kitchen cleaning cheat sheet (these are from last year, but they're still awesome).

Read on to find out how to download the free PDF… Continue Reading

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Week 8 Journal: Grrrr. Plumbing, Take Two.

By: Bruno Aug 02, 2012

Last week, we failed our first plumbing inspection. Horribly. This week, the inspector came back and kindly failed us again. Read on to watch my weekly video update, and find out why I have $300 worth of PVC fittings in the back of my… Continue Reading

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Boost Your Roost Contest: Go Vote For Our Finalist!

By: Bruno Jul 30, 2012

created at: 07/30/2012

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to take part in's Boost Your Roost contest. We received over 300 entries, and it was a real challenge to narrow it down. But after a lot of careful reading, we sent our choices along to HouseLogic, and they chose the entry from Tara Roy of Maine as our finalist. That means Tara has a chance to win a $20,000 home renovation for her and her five kids. But she needs your vote to win! Head over to to cast your vote, and read on to see Tara's contest… Continue Reading

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Week 7 Journal: Plumbing Down the Tubes

By: Bruno Jul 26, 2012

Curbly House Week 7 Video Journal - plumbing and sheetrock!
Weelllll poop. After spending the better part of a week completely revamping the bathroom plumbing, we failed our inspection (spectacularly). Read on to watch my weekly video journal and see why I have no love lost for Mr. Plumbing… Continue Reading

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Week 6 Journal: Finally Making Some Progress

By: Bruno Jul 19, 2012

Making progress on framing in the Curbly HouseIt finally feels like we're making some real progress on the Curbly House. After weeks of demolition (and basically just making the house worse than it already was), this was the first week where we actually started improving things. Read on to watch my weekly video journal and read about all of our framing… Continue Reading

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Yikes! Asbestos in the Curbly House! What to Do?

By: Bruno Jul 12, 2012

Asbestos abatement 1

If you’re following our series, you know we’re in the middle of fixing up a 100-year-old house and making it energy efficient. Somehow tearing out all the first-floor ceilings got lumped into the to-do list. Then the second floor ceilings. And a couple of walls. And the bathroom. You know … just … everything.

One day you’re just going about your business, gleefully demolishing everything you lay eyes on — a great stress reliever, by the way… Continue Reading

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One Week Left to Enter to Win a $20,000 Home Renovation!

By: Bruno Jul 09, 2012

Win a $20000 home renovation!This July we're hooking up with to give one lucky reader a $20,000 home renovation. We're helping to choose four of the contest finalists, and all you have to do is send me an e-mail! Read on on to find out more.

Ok, first thing: you need to be a homeowner (sorry, renters), and you have to live in the United States (sorry, everyone else). If you're in that category, and you could use $20,000 for a renovation project in your… Continue Reading

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Week 5 Journal: Figuring Out Framing

By: Bruno Jul 05, 2012

Week 5 Curbly House Journal
Whew. We took a bit of a breather on the Curbly House this week, stopping to evaluate how to reinforce several framing issues we discovered during demolition. Read on to watch my weekly video journal and read my latest update on our progress. 

Continue Reading
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