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Week 11 Journal: Painting the Curbly House (Finally!)

By: Bruno Sep 04, 2012

The Curbly House: Week 11 Journal(Note: this post was supposed to go up last week, but I just couldn't get it out the door in time. Sorry!)

This week has been pretty crazy: a new baby boy at home, Alicia's starting to pack up in preparation for the move, and I've been working on transforming the Curbly House from a dark, messy construction zone into a freshly-painted, light-filled, livable space. Read on to watch our video journal, and get a first look at the (almost) finished interior. 

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The Curbly House: Painting Like a Pro

By: Bruno Aug 30, 2012

It's just like the children's book says: "Everybody Paints". that what it says? Whatever ... it's true.

Painting is the one DIY project almost everybody has tried. And most people would feel comfortable trying it again. But it's not until you start a truly big painting project that you appreciate the value of having the right tools and high quality supplies, and that's just what I learned when we started painting The Curbly House. Don't believe me? Read on to see why starting off with the right tools from the getgo saved us countless headaches throughout our project.

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Keep Your Safety Glasses On!

By: Bruno Aug 29, 2012

...Or, why Murphy's Law also applies to your peepers, people.

The Project: Cutting out old gas lines in the Curbly House, to make way for new electrical wiring and structural reinforcements (yes, these old houses were lit gas lamps!).

The Story: It was late in the day, almost time to wrap things up, but there was one lingering steel pipe up in the ceiling that I wanted to cut out. "Five minutes," I thought, then I'll go home. So IContinue Reading

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Week 10 Journal: Finishing the Bathroom (and A Surprise!)

By: Bruno Aug 24, 2012

Curbly House Journal: Week 10 - finishing the bathroom

Start Wizard of Oz Voice:

People. The Curbly House now has a functioning toilet! 

End Wizard of Oz Voice.

Yeah, I bet you were wondering how we were getting along all this time in house with no bathroom. Fact is, the bathroom has been gutted for weeks, and those of us working on the project have been making runs (hah) to the nearby gas station for nature's calls. No longer! Read on to watch my video journal, find out how our new bathroom started coming together, and see if you can spot a special surprise that we've been expecting...Continue Reading

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How to: Cut Tile at Home...and Not Seriously Injure Yourself

By: Bruno Aug 21, 2012

3M DIY safe prep tips
The Curbly House is moving into the 'finishing-up' phase, now that the walls are all closed up, taped, mudded, and sanded. Better yet, the bathroom walls and floor are ready for tile! I'll do a post later this week about our tile-laying adventures (don't worry, there's no tile inspection to fail), but today I wanted point out some important safety tips. Read on to find out how I'm make cutting and setting tile an injury-free process.Continue Reading

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Week 9 Journal: Entering the Home Stretch

By: Bruno Aug 10, 2012

Curbly House: Week 9 Journal

Wooo! After almost of a month of trying to get our stupid bathroom plumbing approved, we finally passed our rough-in inspection! That was a huge deal, because it meant we had the green light to start closing up interior walls. And that's one big step closer to completing the project! Read on to watch my weekly video journal and see what other big steps we took this week.

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Week 8 Journal: Grrrr. Plumbing, Take Two.

By: Bruno Aug 02, 2012

Last week, we failed our first plumbing inspection. Horribly. This week, the inspector came back and kindly failed us again. Read on to watch my weekly video update, and find out why I have $300 worth of PVC fittings in the back of my car.Continue Reading

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Boost Your Roost Contest: Go Vote For Our Finalist!

By: Bruno Jul 30, 2012

created at: 07/30/2012

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to take part in's Boost Your Roost contest. We received over 300 entries, and it was a real challenge to narrow it down. But after a lot of careful reading, we sent our choices along to HouseLogic, and they chose the entry from Tara Roy of Maine as our finalist. That means Tara has a chance to win a $20,000 home renovation for her and her five kids. But she needs your vote to win! Head over to to cast your vote, and read on to see Tara's contest entry.

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Week 7 Journal: Plumbing Down the Tubes

By: Bruno Jul 26, 2012

Curbly House Week 7 Video Journal - plumbing and sheetrock!
Weelllll poop. After spending the better part of a week completely revamping the bathroom plumbing, we failed our inspection (spectacularly). Read on to watch my weekly video journal and see why I have no love lost for Mr. Plumbing Inspector.Continue Reading

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Week 6 Journal: Finally Making Some Progress

By: Bruno Jul 19, 2012

Making progress on framing in the Curbly HouseIt finally feels like we're making some real progress on the Curbly House. After weeks of demolition (and basically just making the house worse than it already was), this was the first week where we actually started improving things. Read on to watch my weekly video journal and read about all of our framing adventures.Continue Reading

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