Gorgeous Desks for the DIYer

By: Bruno Dec 02, 2010

Suitcase desk

A few desk round ups I came across this morning got me thinking about DIY desk ideas. The suitcase desk above is smart, but probably not that functional. Building one out of books seems appropriate for a library (as below), but not for the home office.

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Library desk built out of books.

Chris's galvanized pipe desk from our Make It! Hardware Store Decor eBook (on sale right now!) is a really simple, sleek-looking desk you can make with readily-available materials:

Hardware store decor pipe desk

This Curbly post has a great idea for a simple Ikea-hacked desk in the comments (thanks Bill!):

Ikea hacked desk

Curbly member Krasdale recently had a great post on building an inexpensive desk for a small space:

DIY desk for a cramped apartment

This desk from Flickr user joseperezfm looks expensive, but it's actually a DIY project (click through for pics of the build):

I LOVE this idea for a DIY door desk: just an old, weathered door, two sawhorses and a piece of glass to go over the top. Looks very polished, from the & unlimited studio:

DIY shabby chic door desk

And, a few months back, Curbly guest-blogger Kibwe Daisy gave us a peek at what his own homemade modern walnut desk looks like:

Modern walnut DIY desk

What are your favorite ideas for DIY home-office desks? Got any good plans you want to share? Leave them in the comments!

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That briefcase desk is truly one of a kind! So cool!

Check out mine in my blog.  Now, I used a freebie piece of countertop, but there are many inexpensive choices and it works very well.

Covering the file cabinet with cloth was a snap and really spruced it up.

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