Giveaway: Kitchen Palette Interchangeable Backsplash System ($350 value!)

By: Bruno Nov 01, 2012

Kitchen Palette custom interchangeable backsplash system
If you've ever thought of building or remodeling a kitchen (and let's face, who hasn't?), you know it's tough to settle on design choices. When it comes to tile, those choices are permanent ... usually. Now, Kitchen Palette has created a product that lets you change the look of your kitchen with an interchangeable backsplash. Read on to learn more about the product, and enter to win a Kitchen Palette system valued at $350!

About Kitchen Palette:

The Kitchen Palette system is a 22"x14" custom backsplash designed to fit behind conventional cooktops and ranges. You can get a blank system and tile it yourself, or use a style from their extensive collection of backsplashes (prints, mosaics, glass, even metals).

And the great thing is, the palettes are swappable, meaning you can use several in rotation, or just try a new look as your tastes change. Here are some examples of the styles available:



Easy installation of the Kitchen Palette system

Swapping the palettes is quick and easy

And here's a video showing how simple the installation is:

Kitchen Palette was featured on DIY Network's The Hot List this fall, and will be on a few other DIY Network and HGTV shows in the early months of 2013. 

Learn more at, or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.



The Prize: The prize package includes a blank palette system and a free Print Gallery palette (see the shop for all the options)

Who can enter: This giveaway is for U.S. residents only (no international shipping, sorry!)

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd like a Kitchen Palette, which print you like best, or just saying 'Pick Me!'


This giveaway is sponsored by Kitchen Palette. All opinions are mine alone.

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Mobil home with ugly kitchen desperately in need of change.
I am currently remodeling my mom's house and she saw this custom interchangeable backsplash and fell in love. Pick me, please!

Cool product! I'm in the middle of saving a 115 year old Victorian in Colorado. A plain white subway tile backsplash seems so boring but I cannot commit to anything bold. Please help!

Please pick me!  My kitchen is stuck in the 70s!!!


I would love to freshen up my kitchen and have a focal point with this much class!



Thanks to everyone who entered the Kitchen Palette contest! We're tallying the results now, and will select the winner and notify her via email. 


 Love them all! Please, pretty please, pick ME!

pick me, if it's not too late. :)


Love the idea! :)


Hi, my name is Cathi and I have found myself unable to do it all by myself. This is beautiful and practical and would be wonderful in my kitchen. My home has been in limbo for 4 years pending a divorce and now that it is mine, so much is a mess. Thank you for your time.

I like the Wine and Dine best.


Well, so how clever is that?  LOVE the idea of being able to change things us whenever you feel it - or because it's Thursday. Face it, there isn't a lot to change in the kitchen, other than the tea towels.  Pick me!! Pick me!!  Please.  And thank you.

We're building a new house and my wife would love this.


pick me.

Pick me! I have a large family so a luxury like this would be a great addition to our kitchen. We really like the rooster right polka dot and it would go great in our home!

Pick Me!  This would be so awesome!  I have a hard time staying with a scheme.  Like one for awhile and then want domething different.  This would give me the opportunity to keep all time the same and only change this!  Yeah!!!


I have recently moved into rental property that I own.  It is my intention to downsize due to the economy. The house is a bit dreary from having to be a neutral envirnoment for renters.Everything is a little dingy. Let's face it, renters are not as invested in a property as an owner.   My kitchen is the original kitchen built in the house from the late 1940"s.  It needs updating badly. A new and beautiful backsplash would be a great starting point.  I really like the one with the mosaic flowers.  Thank you for this opportunity

My sad, sad kitchen might smile with this tile set

Please pick me.....<3


We redid our kitchen a few years ago and couldn't afford a backsplash!  I love the idea of one that you can alter, as we like to change things up once in awhile, so the variability is a huge draw for us.  They'd give us a "freebie" but we'd certainly be back to buy more!  Plus, we entertain a lot - good advertising.  ;)

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