Win a $20,000 Home Renovation (CLOSED)

By: Bruno Jun 20, 2012

Win a $20000 home renovation!


Well drat. It's too late for us to enter The Curbly House into HouseLogic's "Boost Your Roost" $20,000 home renovation contest, but that doesn't mean one of our awesome readers shouldn't win it! We've hooked up with HouseLogic to help them choose contest finalists, and all you have to do is send me an e-mail! Read on on to find out more.

Ok, first thing: you need to be a homeowner (sorry, renters), and you have to live in the United States (sorry, everyone else). If you're in that category, and you could use $20,000 for a renovation project in your house then I have some good news.

The HouseLogic Boost Your Roost contest starts today and we’re looking for people with great home improvement project ideas. Whether it’s sprucing up your kitchen or building a patio for summer cookouts, we want take your dreams and turn them into reality.



Need some project ideas? How about:

  • Built-in storage
  • Landry room re-do
  • Vault your ceiling
  • Add a shed or backyard office.
  • Re-do a driveway
  • Add bump-out bay window with seat storage
  • Midrange bathroom remodel
  • Minor kitchen remodel
  • Deck addition
  • Master suite remodel
  • Entry way redo & mudroom
  • Basement finish remodel


Have questions? Ask me in the comments, or get more details at

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I can only imagine how many responses your received.  Good luck sorting through all of the entries!  Have a great day!

Thanks everyone! The contest is now closed and we're going through the entries. Due to the volume of e-mails, we weren't able to reply to each one to confirm receipt, but we'll try to at least send out an e-mail to everyone who applied once we get through them all!

My husband and I are retired, in our late 70's, live on fixed income. The flooring in our home is in terrible condition.  Would love to have wood laminate flooring, ceramic tile & interior paint. We're not physically able to do the work, and would so appreciate the help! Thanks for your consideration....

Good morning, my apologies for stalking you via your blog.  I submitted my 'Boost Your Roost' entry very early this morning (around 1:00 am EST).  Would you mind confirming if you have or have not received it?  If it helps, my not-so-polished blog is  My name is Christine Drumgoole I appreciate your confirmation.  Have a great day!

I just want to make our house ADA-compliant for my son, add a ton of storage and expand a BR that my sons share to increase privacy. We moved in halfway through our DIY remodel three years ago, and are taking over as trustees on the property. Entering tonight!

My grandmother is losing her house, it's completely awful.  Her house is structurally sound but unfortunately there are wiring issues, paint that needs to happen, and the landscaping is designed for only one to love.  The yard essentially looks like a putt-putt course in the back and the front is about 75% flower gardens.

I love her very much and to watch her home be sold for so little is attrocious.  The renovations would be amazing to help her get a decent dime out of a house she loves so much but just can't afford anymore after being forced into retirement.

Looks like we can enter once at each blog.  But can we submit the same project at each of the 6 blogs. . or do we need to come up with a different project. Thanks for clarifying. I am a little giddy over this.

Once we have submitted a letter, will we get a confirmation email letting us know that our submission was received?

I would turn a portion of my basement into a media room.

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