Introducing The Curbly House: Our Family's Dream Home Makeover [VIDEO]

By: Bruno May 28, 2012

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SO excited to follow your progress! My husband and I have recently joined the search for a fixer (just put in a bid on a house built in 1914!). My husband is a general contractor, so there are very few "unpleasant fixes" we're not willing to deal with if the location and bones of the house are good. But we're also working on starting a family, so I'd love to hear more about your experience dealing with the emotional challenges of being pregnant and in a house with unusable spaces during the remodel. (Did I mention the house we're bidding on only has one full bathroom located downstairs, at least 30 steps from the master bedroom?!)

That's not fair Bruno. If you paint and I look it'll hurt me through and through. I may never recover. :^{

@DesigningMom - you're not the first to say that! All I can say is, you'll have to wait and see!

@Jen - sounds cool. Please post some pics when you can!

Excited to follow your progress. We have been working on a house we bought in Novemeber that was origionally built in 1895.  


Cool! I long for the day when I can make a place my own.

Oh be still my heart! Look at all that amazing woodwork! Too bad they painted over some of it in the bedrooms though.

Please tell me now if you'll keep the wood as is, other than needed repairs ofcourse, or will paint it. If you paint it I'll not watch. If you restore it I'll be a super big fan.

Can't wait to watch this! When we bought our house there was a bathroom with the same thing - a floor a few inches above the surrounding floors. Turns out previous owner had rehabbed it and put plumbing under the floor. Not sure if that's what you found. In any case, I would have loved to level it, but at that point it was a few thousand we didn't have, so we kept it!

Ha! thanks. And "old" isn't the same as "old people."  Old is mold, mildew, dust, etc. There's a big difference. At least I hope so.

To make you feel a little better, when my son smelled mothballs for the first time, he said, "Mom! That's just like Grandma's perfume." And that "perfume" came from the closet where she stored their coats and winter clothes. 

@ellen - fair point. I guess I shouldn't generalize. But you know, it smelled ... old.

Everyone knows that old people rank right up there with cats and mice, but what DO they smell like?

I am so excited to see what you do! I love all of the woodwork, so much potential there!

It looks fantastic! So much potential there. I love it when people are willing to take risk on an adventure. Looking forward to the rest of the house series!

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