Survey: How Often Do You Clean?

By: Bruno Mar 05, 2012

Is this how your dryer's lint trap looks? Take our survey and tell us! 
This month we're talking about cleaning and organization, so we're doing a few surveys to get an idea of how clean and organized you guys are (or aren't). Our first one, today, is about how often you do the little recurring maintenance things that make cleaning such an annoying (and important) chore.

Read on to cast your vote!

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Don't worry, your response is completely anonymous and we're just collecting this unscientific info for fun and conversation.

And here are the results!


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Not cleaning the lint trap is how most dryer fires start! I never leave the dryer on while I am gone or sleeping!! Plus it takes more power to push air through a dirty filter.

How come you think most of us have a dryer? :-S

Okay, for those who think bathrooms should be cleaned every week or more, I simply say, "relax!"  My toilet gets cleaned every 1-2 weeks, the sink when needed (at least every week or two) and my shower and floors every month, any of these could happen more often, if needed or we're having company come to stay.  However, life with a two year old around is crazy and demanding enough without having to live up to showroom levels of cleanliness.  Life is meant to be LIVED!  For me, that doesn't include freaking out about soap scum or whatever might be lurking in my bathroom.  It will be there when my daughter and I are finished playing, crafting or whatever we're having a good time with. 

Do people really only clean their bathrooms once a month?  That's kind of frightening to me :/

Are the results really skewed for anyone else? I'm having a hard time viewing the entire window with them without having crazy scroll issues :(

I gave up trying to fold laundry when we had child #5. Everyday clothes go in bins and good clothes get hung up. This also eliminated the need for dressers and the possibility of one tipping over onto a child long before they came out with anchor kits.

I don't have a dryer, so I cannot clean the lint trap. But the one from the washing machine I never cleaned yet. I know, I should, but I don't know how and am not able to open the little door!

But if the laundry is dry on the line, I fold it kind of neglectful (I hope that is the right term) before I put it in the closet. My clothes do not crinkle very easy, so I don't have to be too exact. :)

Bathroom or refrigerator I clean when it is necessary. From once a week (probably just partially) up to once a month. In case of the refrigerator it may be longer. 

Why do the work if not necessary? :)

@jen - great point (I should've added that to the survey!). We have the same problem; laundry gets folded, but not put away, and then it gets dug through and messed up throughout the week. Isn't there a robot that can fix this for us? I thought this was the 21st century!

I always fold my laundry out of the dryer, but do I put it away? No! In fact, I have piles of clean laundry on the dining room table, in separate laundry baskets, on my dresser, etc... I can't be the only one who almost never puts away clean laundry, right? ;)


How can you not empty the lint trap frequently? Doesn't all that stuff end up on your clean clothes? In big chunks?

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