8 Awesome Office Ideas from the Curbly Archives

By: Bruno Jan 26, 2012

Eight awesome office ideas from the Curbly archives
We're kicking off 2012 with workspace month – dedicated to helping you improve the spaces where you work and get creative. Whether that space is a home office or a soul-sucking cubicle (or, improbably, an amazingly great cubicle), we've got some good ideas for you. Check 'em out:

Capree's Mod Office Accessories Roundup
Mod office accessories roundup

Need a little inspiration to bring your office space into the modern era? You're not still using that cardboard desk calendar your realtor sends every year, are you? Well, Capree's the lass to get your time-travel started.

Chalk Board Wall Calendar
Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Martha Stewart

Who needs a desk calendar? Get a whole-wall calendar!

Reveal: Chris' Total Office Makeover!

Last year Chris took his home office from this ...
Chris' office makeover, before.

... to, well, click through to find out!

Make DIY 'Bread Clips' to Organize Your Crazy Power Cables
DIY cable organizer 'bread clips'

DIY-Maven followed up on a great reader suggestion and found a way to make her own 'bread clips' for simple, affordable cable organization.

Goodwill Hunting Desk Chair
Goodwill Hunting Desk chair

Cheap office chairs are swamping your local Goodwill like bored teens at the mall. Grab one and recover it with some awesome patterned fabric (the chairs, not the teens). ModHomeEcTeacher shows you how.

Behind the Scenes of Bruno's Home Office
Bruno's home office tour

Oddly enough, I'm writing this while sitting at my dining room table, not my office, but hey, it's still a cozy space. Take a look.

 How to Make a DIY Adjustable Drafting Table from Any Desktop
DIY drafting table from any table.

Admit it; if you had a drafting table, you'd do a lot more drafting. Right? Well, you're in luck; Chris has the tutorial on making one.

Create a Cork Bulletin Board out of Kitchen Trivets
Create a cork bulletin board from kitchen trivets

An oldie but goodie; Chris shows you an easy way to take cheapo Ikea kitchen trivets and make a mod office paper organizing pin board.

Oops. Did I say eight awesome offices! Well, i guess this one's not exactly an office...

Behind the Scenes of Capree's Home Office
Capree's whole home office tour

Hah! Tricked you! Her whole home is her office. Still a great photo tour, though; check it out.

And if that's not enough office inspiration for you, check out the entire office section here on Curbly.com. It's full of more office DIY projects and inspiration than any sane person could want. But hey, no judgement, click on.


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