Cubicle Door Increases Productivity, Isolation From Annoying Co-Workers

By: Bruno Apr 05, 2007

Offering 'maximum coverage for cubicle privacy', the Cubedoor is an adustable, solid fabric barrier you can install in your cube opening to get a little privacy:

Seems like a cool idea, although I'm not sure how much privacy you can achieve when people can just look over your door and talk to you. Oh well...

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I do something similar to Jasimar. Except in the geek world of IT, we have lots of spare hard drives in non working condition laying around. So I took apart a few and mounted them to various things around my cube. So I have 5 rear view mirrors to see all angles in my cube and some outside my cube. If I dont turn around, people are forced to talk to me through the hard drive platters. They dont stick around long. What REALLY irritates me is when they just poke their head up over my cube and expect me to stare directly up at them when they are talking.

I like Jasimar's idea of a mirror.  Some people just don't get the idea that other's want to work when at work. 
Good idea for a cubical, teenager's room, or a 'private' room in a non-air conditioned house in the summer: Just take a spring loaded curtain rod and hang some panel curtains or other fabric from them.
I put a mirror angled in my cube.  That way I can glare at them and carry on a conversation if I must but continue with what I'm doing.  I like it.  It gives the very distinct impression that I'm not going to hang around and bs with them sans eyeroll.

Tape is a good idea, i usually go for brass tacks.

I'd probably just opt for the Les Nesman tape on the floor tactic.
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