Curbly Essentials: How to Make Modern Paper Ornaments (Free Download!)

By: Bruno Nov 29, 2011

 Curbly Essentials: Modern Paper Ornaments

This month, we're giving away a free series of useful PDF tutorials that are perfect for the holiday season. We're calling it "Curbly Essentials", and the first one is a sweet little how-to from our editor-in-chief Chris Gardner on making simple, stylish modern paper ornaments. You can download the PDF and print it out to use with family, friends, or as a project with kids. 

Read on to see how to get today's download: Curbly Essentials: Modern Paper Ornaments

There are two ways to access today's download:

1) Sign up for our free, weekly newsletter (we won't spam you, and you'll get a link to the download after you sign up). Go to our newsletter signup page to get started.

2) Get it from our Facebook page: (you'll need to become a fan first)

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Stay tuned: our next Curbly Essential download is scheduled for this Thursday! Can't wait to find out what it is? Here's a hint: you don't need to have been in the original Wizard of Oz to hang one of these in your house...

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@anonymous: fair enough (I forget how many people don't use Facebook). How about this: we'll include a download link in the next newsletter for all you guys who are already signed up?

This is a lot of peer pressure for a download.  I already get your newsletter and adamantly refuse to use Facebook.  I know you're looking for exposure, but what about those of us that have you as a feed and visit daily?

Okay, thanks I'm just weird about liking things on facebook.  I forget you can unlike.

@robbinwood: sorry you feel that way. I think simply 'liking' a page on Facebook is an easy enough way to get a free PDF download (we'll have a total of seven of these you'll be able to access over the next few weeks). Remember you're always free to 'unlike' us later if you feel like it :)

Too many hoops to jump through.  I just want to look and download what I'm interested in

Thanks Bruno.

Those are cute. If you stare at the picture of them above they almost look as though they are moving. Either that or my eyes are wonky.

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