How To: Make a Cool Hanging Wall Planter

By: Brittni mehlhoff Mar 22, 2013

created at: 03/16/2013

With spring right around the corner, this DIY is a great way to bring the outdoors in without taking up a whole lot of counter space.   

wood planter diy

Whitney of The Curtis Casa made this cool, modern wall planter for the Home Depot blog recently, and I can't borrow my father-in-law's power tools fast enough. I want to make one of these this weekend. What about you?

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Thanks for ideas please send more ideas to hang plant

Yes, Bee, I take the terra cotta pot out about once a week to water it. I set it on a plate in the kitchen until its done draining and then I hang it back up. Seems to work great!

? So take the pot out and water it, let it drain, then return it to it's hanger?
I think it's a cool idea..

Clay pots have drainage holes in the bottom. Plants need watered. Doh.

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