Before and After: Seaworthy Dresser Makeover

By: Brittni mehlhoff Aug 16, 2012

created at: 08/14/2012
This is probably one of the nicer 'before' photos I've posted lately, but the after is really unique. Check out the this sea-inspired dresser makeover that started with a Craigslist furniture find.   Using a reverse stencil technique, Miriam from Other Pieces of Me transformed this dresser with a combination of custom decals and white paint. The full tutorial is on FLOR's blog here.

created at: 08/14/2012

More photos on FLOR's blog for design, Musings.

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I did love the original.  I love warm wood shades and it appears to be beautifully made.  (My partner's hobby is carpentry)  But your ship is indeed spectacular!  I have been chastized because I painted a lot of the beautiful chestnut trim in my 1930s house, but I always say, I can strip it too, so I don't think mine, or your dresser is a mistake, or sacrilege!  Well done.

Wow! Very nice.

I just used a brush to paint it on.  As for the commenting, were you trying to comment over at FLOR or were you commenting on otherpiecesofme?  Either way, it shouldn't have been an issue...

Awesome Dresser! LOL at Jay, it really does look like their logo : p
Holy crap that's awesome

I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on the original post, or I would've gushed. This is amazing & gorgeous! Beautiful job. As for the crying & cussing--I once bought a vinyl decal from Urban Outfitters of a Rob Ryan design. I could not believe how hard it was to apply to the wall without wrinkles. It took several hours (I do love it, though.). Although I would love to try this, the memory of putting up that decal makes me hesitate. Thanks for sharing this great idea. (PS I'd like to know how the paint was applied to the dresser.  Roller? Brush?)

Yay!  Thanks so much for the feature - almost a year later, and it still brings joy to my son ;)

pirate bay?

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