DIY Hanging Planter That Won't Drain Your Budget!

By: Bethanyblah Oct 03, 2008

I came across this article on ReadyMade and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

created on: 10/04/08

ReadyMaker Phoebe Streblow took a colander she found at a thrift store and rigged it into an adorable hanging planter using a wire hanger and a length of chain. It works out beautifully because of the depth of the bowl and the sturdy metal handles on the sides to wrap some wire (or chain) around for hanging. There are more than enough holes for drainage, also. This would be great to use with one of the plants mentioned in lilybee's recent post, "The-Unkillables-House-Plants-For-The-Black-Thumbed"!

I think this would look lovely in a kitchen or an enclosed porch. I personally would use a long length of wire (perhaps a straightened out wire from a wire hanger like the one shown) to wrap around the handles and bend it in the center through the last length of the chain to hang. It would look a bit more chic and a bit less like something you did as an afterthought, in my opinion.

I don't know about any of you, but I am definitely keeping my eye out for some pretty colanders at thrift shops already as they work for a variety of adorable DIY projects! Now I have another handy use for any I might find.

One other quick example would be as light covers in kitchens or dining areas. We got a peek at them used in that way in a recent post from lowquadcity sharing a peek at her little cafe in Jakarta.

lowquadcity's cafe


P.S. The title? Pun intended. ;)

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was wondering did u line the inside of the colander with something and if so what did use I love it so cool crafty and creative LOL the 3 C's

Hi Bethany

Was wondering did u line the inside of the colander with anything we have an old sort of copper one but we have a new one so would love to do this! thanks love and love the red ones for light shades so cool! and creative!

I like it!  Would look great in the kitchen window.

Look here for a great "no cost" hanging planter

that helps to save the environment, too. It's made

with a 2-liter bottle. 

Oooh. The kitchen garden idea would be delicious! And, I agree that it would look pretty even just on a windowsill if the space would accomodate one! Perhaps one of those really small colanders (with just one or two cooking herbs) on the sill would work in my kitchen as I don't have much room. Hmmm. Thanks for the idea!

Cool, I reckon this would look fab as an indoor kitchen-garden type thing with mint or basil or other cooking herbs. It would even look pretty just standing on a kitchen windowsill. Well Spotted!

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