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I'm obsessed with making the world a prettier place.

I make my living as a professional prop shopper (yes I get to buy furniture and accessories on someone else's dime ALL DAY LONG) and I make and sell jewelry, stuffed animals, and art on the side. From floral design to hatmaking, mural painting to mosaic artist, I've worked in pretty much every industry you can imagine.

My favorite designers include Tord Boontje, Tricia Guild, and Carolyn Quartermaine.

A year ago I bought a house in the Como/Fairground area of St. Paul. Gardening and decorating provide endless hours of entertainment for me.

As I get older, I am getting more focused on re-use, sustainability, and how those things mesh with good design.


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On: Labyrinth in the Lower Yard! (Post)

OK folks, check out Labyrinth v 2.0!

On: ANTS!!!! (Post)

wow! thanks everyone! strangely, after my house sitting gig, i...

On: Hubcap Creatures. (Post)

love the frilled lizard! i want it!  

On: Placemat Hack: Flaptop Laptop Cover (Post)

great idea! and the buttons are awesome too! i like...

On: Curbly in the New Readymade Magazine. (Post)

i picked it up this weekend-congrats!  boo to your landlords...

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Candipants says:
Hooray for Foo Dogs! I just recently purchased a statue at Target...
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HillaryJohnson says:
This reminds me of when I was a kid, and...
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Northernstar says:
Nice photos! Are those chair for children? Soo Cool that big...
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beccajo says:
http://www.ifurn.com/adesso_ADSWK2114.htmlI linked it in my post but not on the...
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Bjorkfansoph says:
What website are these frome?
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beccajo says:
he's going to check out the closet and find something...
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bruno says:
Nice turtle! Looks like he's heading for the door... maybe...
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Roland Emmerich's Wacky Pad

By: Beccajo Aug 08, 2008

Thanks to the NY times, you can take a tour of big-budget director Roland Emmerich's London pad. 

Interested in the crazy art collector/aviator look? Try a sculpture by Scott Nelles

and a zebra rug by Jonathan Adler!


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Labyrinth 2.0, bigger, better, stronger

By: Beccajo Jun 21, 2008


created on: 06/21/08

Ok so my mom, dad and I built a Labyrinth in their lower yard about 3 weeks ago.

We planted some low groundcover, but unfortunately, while they were on vacation, the weeds took over.

created on: 06/21/08

Even though she put yellow flags in the ground at our 'terminal lines' and 'bridges', we could no longer see the rows of flowers that we planted, or really anything else.  Since the walkways were kind of narrow to begin with, we decidedContinue Reading

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Yes, my house did finally sell. Thanks goodness!

Thanks for adding me as your friend!;P
Thanks for the article. I am pretty excited that the Foo dogs are making a hot comeback. I became entrigued with them when I was doing research on my dogs breed. He is a Pekingese. :)
Hi BeccaJo, I'm glad you like my panels. At the moment they are not stocked in the U.S- it is my first year of business so I haven't reached you yet ( open to any offers though) but they could be shipped. However the most economical way to make them available in the U.S would be to send my design file to a fabricator in the States to have made there!
Hi, Thanks for accepting my friendship. I share your love of Tord Bootje and Carolyn Quartermaine.

Hey BeccaJo,  sorry I missed the art crawl this weekend. How'd it go? Any highlights?


Did you move into your new place yet?  Exciting times!

I love the same re: the Domino pic.

This wasn't in the print issue, but the online version. Domino mag is really great about providing features online that aren't in print, and vice versa. Definitely worth a look-through! 

I never thought of filling it up with water. Great idea!!!
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