The Curbly House: Fab Design Inspiration Board for Our New Bathrooms

By: Alicia Mar 08, 2013

created at: 03/05/2013
We're on the home stretch of our upstairs bathroom redesign in the Curbly House, and in true "Alicia fashion," I made a last-minute wall color change that caused Bruno to wave his paintbrush in the air yelling, "You have a problem. You need a paint therapist." He's right, but willingly helped me paint, so ... maybe he needs a paint therapist too. Enabler.

All of this bathroom hullabaloo reminded me that our upcoming (promise, soon!) addition will include two new bathrooms, offering lots opportunities for "costume changes". Fortunately, Fab invited me to put together some bathroom inspiration boards; if you haven't heard of Fab, it's a great online design destination with boatloads of unique, colorful, modern products. Their products inspired me with color palettes and ideas that will make these new spaces. Take a look at my dream bathrooms below:

For the master bathroom:

Bathroom inspiration eye candy from

1. Octopus Woman Print

2. Tulip Woman Print

3. Seahorse Shower Curtain

4. Blue Dot Wall Pot

5. Air Plant Pod bathroom inspiration

6. Network Wastecan

7. Laundry Bag

8. Peacock Feather Print

9. Crayon Vases

10. Bamboo Scale 

Just having more than one bathroom in the house is going to be a huge luxury for us (neither of us have lived in a house with two for fifteen years). But having one on the first floor? Mind-blowing.  

For the first floor half-bath :

Half bathroom design inspiration from

1. Yellow Duck

2. Architect Wall Flats

3. Arboretum Shower Curtain

4. Wooden Doll #19

5. Wooden Doll #21

6. Waterproof Notebooks

7. Butterfly Art Piece

8. Wayne the Bass (White)

9. Walrus Box


What do you think? Where do you get your bathroom decor inspiration?


This post was sponsored by Fab; however, all opinions are mine alone.

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Thanks, Alicia, for your reply. I did some experimenting: No tab to click, and clicking outside the popup changes nothing. Tried another browser, but same thing. But when I went to, no popups. I did email to see if there was a problem on their end. I'll let you know what they say. Am I the only one who has this snag?

Hi Jeanne! I know you can look around Fab without being a member. Maybe try clicking outside of the pop-up or clicking on a tab. 


I love many of these items, but when I clicked on the link, I got a horrid Fab popup that I could not get rid of. I do NOT want to sign up for Fab, I just wanted to learn more about the product. Did I miss something?

Nice colors for a bathroom. 

I LOVE those Girard dolls!

Wow. Those wall tiles are amazing. They'd look great in my bathroom. Nice roundup!

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