Space Invaders on your walls: blik graphics wall decals

By: Alexrussell Dec 27, 2006

Think of them as stickers for your walls, but they don't have to be of Space Invaders, that Taito smash hit that today still gets play by teenagers around the globe. The blik Surface Graphics decals are made from designs by pop artists like Keith Haring and Matthew Haggett, but have their own original designs as well.

If there's something you want done custom, they'll create it and even come to do the install. They've got a pretty impressive client list, including the SF Arts Commission and the Smithsonian. But there's not much cooler than having three Keith Haring dogs barking on your wall. It's only $23 for the pack.

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Wall decals are a very powerful way to decorate..especially inexpensively. I've used a company or just try if you like unique stuff check them out.

The retro pac man design and their space rocks are very cool. They also have a really cool captain rocket design which is popular with teens and comic book fans. Check them out!
Those are so cool.  I checked out the website and I'm partial to the animals they have to decorate kids' rooms, even though I don't have kids.  They're such a cool idea.  Thanks for the suggestion about the hardwood flooring. 
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