Sheet Metal Headboard

By: Nimue Dec 13, 2006

We made 2of these a couple years ago for our boys space themed room. I later painted the frame black and really like that look with the cool steel.  The names were made by punching a nail through the sheet with a hammer (but be careful, it scratches easily; 'liquid nails' was used to glue on the wood frame, and then it was screwed into wall studs.



Now that our oldest has his own room with a loft bed, we've hung it on his wall.  The kids love displaying artwork, photos, and notes on it with magnets. 



We used tin snips to cut one sheet in half - and those halves ended up being the perfect size for 2 twin beds. I'm pretty sure they're sold in several sizes.

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Very cool idea for some personalization for the kids. 


You can always lacquer metal to help protect the finish from wear, and rust in the case of harder metal like steel.


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