the joy of working with your hands

By: Log homes Jun 20, 2007

One of the joys of being a small business owner and a home improvement junkie is seeing all the great products that come my way. I love working with my hands I just wish I did more...


Living in the pristine wilderness of the Big Sky state not only do we have the opportunity to take part in some of the best creation in all of the world but we also get the opportunity to manufacture a quality product. This is one of the doors we are currently manufacturing for a client.

I personally don’t spend much time down in the shop but I can tell you that much time and labor is spent in sanding and producing a quality product. From gluing of panels, to the sanding, and the inspection. All of our doors are a quality product. ~ Interior Door Shop


Any of you out there in Curbly land a door junkie? I'd love to find some rustic door lovers or Log Homes Junkies.


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Montana is just amazing.
I love Montana too. My husband is from there, and we've visited his mom who still lives there in Billings several times. I'm neutral on doors though :-D
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