DIY Headboard Ideas

By: Diy maven Oct 28, 2009

Who says a headboard has to be a board? These alternatives to traditional headboards are totally do-able by just about anyone.

This vanity-mirror turned headboard really blew my socks off. A GREAT reuse of a furniture has-been.

The picture below might look like an iron headboard, but it's really paint. Particularly sweet for a little girl's room, no?


This one just might be my favorite: squares with a polycarbonate sheet covering them and twinkle lights behind. I am a sucker for twinkle lights!

To read about how all these headboards (and others) came together, follow this link to


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Déjà vu!  I just saw the first and last headboards in a 2004 issue of Better Homes & Gardens DIY that I kept and was just looking at the other day.  Guess something never get old.

Oh yes, that would work very well.

Bet you could find them for next to nothing on Craig's List too. I can picture it in a shabby chic environment--with the frame painted white with a distressed technique over it. 

I too love the vanity mirror as a headboard, it sure looks gorgeous.

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