Toilet Paper Roll Sculpture

By: Diy maven Sep 03, 2009


Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet takes empty toilet paper rolls and turns them into works of art. He coaxes and creases them and then finishes them with layers of color and varnish, for an effect that's nothing less than remarkable. Via.


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Admiro el trabajo de este artista. Estuve hace poco en París y pude ver su obra. Es increíble!!

Art it's amazing! we see what we want to see. These are simply great and so creative.

Why do people have to bring their political views into someonesart. Take these for what they are, creative and artistic use of talent. Love them.

I wonder if he has piles of them around his outhouse?

It IS George Bush! His shrunken head from a while back.

Not much to shrink though. But the rest have more to them.

The guy in the White House was a dummy ...


Many of these remind me of George Bush, especially the blue one.

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