6 Ways to Recycle Soap Slivers

By: Diy maven Sep 09, 2008

While I let my soap slivers dissolve at the foot of my shower, Alan Hayes is saving his. Why?  Maybe he’s trying to save the planet one soap sliver at a time. Maybe he’s just thrifty. Either way, the herbologist has some very clever ways to make the most out of those little pieces of soap:

1. Make soap on a rope.

2. Recycle your soap scraps into new bar soap.

3. Make gel hand/body soap.

4. Make a cleaning gel, this super-soap can be used as a general purpose household cleaner as well as a laundry aid.

5. Make an all-purpose stain remover, which is particulary good for removing grease stains.

6. Turn your soap leftovers into yummy honey and oatmeal soap. 

For full recipes, go to itssonatural.com. Via.

'Goldsworthy' soap scrap sculpture courtesy of juicyrai on flickr.

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I use them up in a much simpler way: two sets of those exfoliate-y, scrubby "shower gloves".  Two gloves per hand, slip the soap slivers between them and go to town.

Great ideas, I really like the soap on a rope.

My husband usually just sticks the sliver to the top of the new soap bar.

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