Hobbit Homes for Sale. Cheap!

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2008

Ron Meyers might be a bigger Tolkien fan that Peter Jackson. Mr. Meyers built his own Shire in the form of a housing development and not in New Zealand but Bend, Oregon. Only one home, complete with its own hobbit hole, has been sold in the Shire-themed neighborhood--for $650,000 and to one of the designers of the project--since the community broke ground in 2006. Now facing default, Mr. Meyers expects the bank to whom ownership has reverted will discount heavily. A hobbit house of your very own for cheap? Precious. Via.

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A hobbit hole is small and compact. Try again, Mr. Mini-Mansion.

Im comming to buy one of those as soon as i grow up! I caan stay close to my grandparents and stay in America like my parents want, and I can continue my love for Tolkien and hobbits and be closer to New Zealand.

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