Turning Milk Crates Into....

By: Diy maven Jul 28, 2008

A chandelier

A bench

Tables and chairs


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I created a platform bed with milk with L shaped storage.  I zip tied the crates together to create a stable mass finished it with a thin piece of wood on the top and a queen size mattress.

Thank's for inspirations! :-) I put a link to your site in my (italian) blog http://cosmosiculascreations.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/9-e-piu-modi-per-riciclare-le-cassette-della-frutta/


Milkcrates are incredbily diverse in terms of how you can use them! I wrote about a few other ways you can put them to good use here :) Love the idea of a chandelier!


I have bought or been given 180 milk crates over the course of my 60 years.  My biggest gift was from an old  local dairy.  I know I am going to do something magnificent with them someday so I just keep clollecting.  (My husband thinks I should collet thimbles or something smaller!!!)  Where does anyone suggest I go for ideals.  I have used them as steps, saw horses, to sit in the lake for cool perches on hot days, reenforcedment for a snow fort which lasted a long time, to transport rocks for my garden and as the soil holders for built into the ground retaining wall when lined with burlap bags.  I am thinking I should like to use them as a growing shed for my herbs but need inspiration.  Any ideals would be appreciated. 

Ooooo....thanks for the link blakewest! I'm lovin' this idea from Milkcrate Digest using the old fashioned kind of milk crate:

The chandelier is the only one I think has much merit.

If you are interested in anything else related to milk crates, the best place to go is the incomparable Milkcrate Digest. They also have a good old-fashioned zine available. I own a copy of issue #7. It's pretty sweet.

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