Make quick and easy paper roses!

By: Diy maven Jul 01, 2008

This paper flower by Dozi Design is super fast and easy to make. And, best of all, it's beautiful!

Supplies needed:

  • a square of 4" x 4" paper
  • a pencil
  • a scissors

Steps taken:

  • draw a spiral on the sheet of paper
  • cut out the spiral
  • starting on the OUTSIDE, roll up the spiral and keep rolling until there's no paper left

And you're done!

For more images from Dozi Design, check out her flickr page, blog and etsy shop. Via Crafty Crafty.

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I really want to know how to make paper rose & u told me thanks you very much..

thanks you so much it is really easy to make

I made one. I'm feelin' special

I made 9 of them...                                                                     they are sooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!

If it isn't quite working try using thinner paper/card. You can also choose to tear the edge or cut the edge for different finishes.
I loved it making & it is cool & my mums birthday is going to come it is a great idea to gift her this lovely rose. Amazing................. Awsome....
I hate how it isnt working rrrrrrrrr everything is good but the curling


Imazing Idea.... and beautiful flower

Thank you! Now I just need to figure out how to attach a stem
It is soooo amazing you saved my life I have a Mother's Day gift now!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! It is so easy buy looks so beauriful. I will make one and give it to my mum.

These are ssoooooo awesome I am definitely using these for my Mother's Day gift

OMG... so Amazing!! I can do it,,, thanks ;D

Wow I tried it but it was.....





amazing....amazing.......and just amazing........ . . . WOW ;-)
These are so bueatiful I'm going to give these to my aunt to be

dosent work

im going to make one of these for my new girlfriend.

i found that if you put a bit of glue on the last bit of the spiral then it holds it together nicely

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