The Case of the Disappearing Stairs

By: Diy maven Mar 11, 2008

With a press of a button–and some hydraulic pistons–this staircase folds up and disappears into the wall! Aaron Tang’s “Wall Stairs” save space and prevent guests from wandering into your private regions. Via.

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This seems like a great idea for tiny houses. Would allow for a staircase instead of a dangerous ladder and then the space beneath could be used for additional seating etc. anyone know where plans can be found for this design?


how much do these stairs cost????????

From where do I buy this and how to install it

i think its a great idea for attic stairs insted of pulling them down from over your head.

I think that is a great idea for attic stair insted of pulling them down from over your head.

Seems like it would give the old lady another thing to bitch to me about leaving up.

this seems pointless

It would be could if zombies came to attack you.

Scale models are interesting but would rather see a real implementation.

How does this save space?. . . Not like you can put anything against that wall "Ohh excuse me. . I have to go upstairs. . could you help me move my china cabinet?. . or. . could you move your butt and chair. .as I have to move out the stairs. . for the cost of the stairs . buy a bigger place.

I like it architecurally speaking. .but it is NOT going to become common. . and I am not even sure how many places would consider this up to code. .

That could SO be engineered for completely manual operation, and partially automated with a counterweight system.  I have a need for it, too.  Great inspiration!

and you're supposed to be an optimist????  ;)

and then there is a power failure/outage....

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