How to Fold a Christmas Money Tree

By: Diy maven Dec 19, 2007

Giving cash this Christmas? Instead of sticking the bill in a card, how about making a card out of the bill? With this easy folding technique, you’ll have the whole project done in less than five minutes.

A bit of sticky-back tape will affix our dollar trees to the cardstock. A snowflake punched out of gold paper provides the perfect star on top!

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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The Grant was an early Christmas gift. It was the only crispy bill I had in the house. (For folding, crispy ones work better than flimsy ones.) If your dream was about folded money Christmas trees, it could mean a lot of things. 1. Money 2. Christmas 3. Origami 4. Curbly. Maybe you don't need a vacation. Maybe you just need to fold origami figures which you can sell to make money for Christmas presents which you can then review for Curbly posts. Or something to that effect.

Parading the Grants, eh?

This was in my dream last night...I think it a ripe time for vacation when Curbly permeates even in my sleep. 

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