Can you cut a cork?

By: Diy maven May 15, 2007

I came across these cute Wine Cork Placecard Holders at Bright and Bold. They aren’t made from real corks but rather resin. They have a flat base and a slot for the name cards themselves. On sale for $22.95 for 12, they seem DIY-able, if using real corks, of course. Which provokes the question: anybody every cut a cork?

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Fabulous idea... seen this idea at Uncommon Goods.

The comments are great... razor blade is the way to go. You can also tie two together vertically and slice the top for a placecard. Looks great:

Good luck!

Beautiful!  Thanks for the cutting tips.  I'll let you know how my attempts with a Dremel go when I get time.
I use either a small hacksaw or the razor blade insert for a utility knife. To poke holes I use my super sharp felting needle then enlarge it with a sz 1 knitting needle. In the past I cut extra shapes in advance, but I've noticed if they're not used in a few weeks they dry out and crumble apart. I've also cut corks in half and stuck jumbo paper clips in them and to use as a picture holder or earring stand. your jewelry! And if you lose one while swimming, it'll float! ;) Your cuts are so clean; what do you use? X-acto?
I've been experimenting for a couple months. I use cork pieces for jewelry creations, here's a link

hyoomen...this is fabulous!!! The real cork looks sooo much cooler than the resin ones. Great tip about weighting the bottom too. Bravo!!!!

A search of Google yielded


I also attempted the project with an X-acto knife and the first cork I could locate.  Given my disinterest in breaking out 'the tools' (aka sandpaper, Dremel tool, backsaw, etc), I simply used the grip portion of the X-acto knife to do a bit of sanding down and VOILA!

cork picture holder by hyoomen 

Thanks for the idea.  In the future I'll use this as a way to display wine labels that have been mounted to cardstock.  I think those resin corks are yet another example of a 'crafty item' being denegrated by means of mass production.  The only advantage I can conceive of is a bit of weight.

To remedy the issue of light-weight corks not holding up heavier items, you might consider hot-gluing a small weighted object underneath the cork. 

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