Use Irish Spring to keep out garden pests.

By: Diy maven May 11, 2007

Perennials are springing up everywhere. And the herbivores are loving it. The hostas pictured above are always the first course. Around here, the biggest culprit of garden dining are deer. Don’t believe me? I took the following picture of our back yard two years ago. Apparently, we are living in the Grand Central Station for the Bambi crowd.

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Garden stores sell various deer and rabbit deterrents, but most are topical treatments that have to be applied after each rain or even heavy dew and, generally, they’re expensive. Since many are based on smells (a popular one is coyote urine), it’s not surprising a non-appetizing, odoriferous, rainproof thing such as Irish Spring keeps the critters at bay.

Just cut a bar into cubes, wrap the cubes in scraps of cloth, and staple them onto stakes.

Drive the stakes in among the tantalizing vegetation. I also cut smaller bits to scatter along the ground.

Yes, the yard smells ‘refreshing’ and no, the soap doesn’t suds up during a rain. Last year, I did the stake trick at the beginning of the year, but replenished my scattered pieces once a month or so. Together, they seemed to do the trick; the deer left my plants alone.

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What about ground hogs?
What about ground hogs?
We've been using Irish Spring for the last 3 years with good results. This year we were lazy and just out bars on the ground in the gardens. They kept disappearing. This morning we caught the culprit...a fox! Guess we will stake them up from now on.
How about dogs? Every year my sister brings her unruly dog to my house and he eats all my tomatoes, were talking whole plants ruined! The rest of the wild life in my yard stays away on their own.
Thanks for the irish spring trick, for mine is cats wanting to dig.. used to be able to buy a plant that smelled like skunk that would keep them out but i havn't been able to find it in the past cple of years.
Yes , i do kno the egg shell trick works for slugs and worms!my sister has done it for years.
I heard if you put dried egg shells ariund your plants, it keeps slugs away.

Moth balls are poisonous to animals and to children....they should not be used in the garden!

It bothers me slightly that we are using something most of our husbands clean their delicate skin with as a pest deterrent.

CATS!  can be curbed by throwing moth balls in the garden (not flakes).  Try to find the old fashioned stinky ones.  Many today are scented to block the real scent that will keep cats out.

I have skunks digging holes all over my yard (who knew??)... and they're deep! I googled it, and they're definitely skunk holes. I'm going to see if grating it, and sprinkling it all over my yard will do anything for the skunks.

I don't know about cats, I heard cats don't like orange peel or citrus. The irish spring seems to be working keeping most squirrels and chipmunks away, I put some pieces in old knee highs tied to stakes low to the ground. I threw some pieces around some bushes and found some chewed up on the grass. Something tried to eat it!

Wonder if this can deter cats?  Anyone know?

I'm going to try this in my container plants on the deck.  Squirrels are ALWAYS digging up my new plants I put out in Spring.

Well,  I went out and brought a bunch of irish spring, followed the directions, so I will  let you know, my back yard smells great! I am going to grate it in the front yard flower bed, the chipmonks are digging up everything.

I looked out the front window and a chipmonk was climbing a small maple, and then looked at the back and there were about 9 squirrels chasing each other all over and up and down the trees! I never seen so many at one time!


@st--I'd think so. Maybe even better, as their noses are closer to the ground. ;)

@st--I'd think so. Maybe even better, as their noses are closer to the ground. ;)

does irish spring work for other things like groundhogs, squirrels, chipmonks

and rabbits? With two mild winters, empty house next door,  I have never seen so many.

@BWP--It should! Although, because of all the enticing veggies, I'd probably use more. Remember--it will smell, so you'll have to suffer the scent too, when weeding & etc. 

Does it work for vegtable gardens??
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